We introduce ourselves as dedicated Insurance Advisor THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO LTD. for providing all General insurance products.

Our journey has begun in the year 2004 and we have on field experience in public insurance sector to handle all aspects of Insurance policies and claim process.

In addition to that we provide claim assistance to all customers even if they are not associated with us or not taken insurance from us.

Insurance claims process is bit a complicated; the list of documents required and overall claim process is bit time consuming. To deal with the documentation, to figure out the exact required documents and to understand the scope of policy is cumbersome.

Due to the volume of Insurance claims, many a times, customers don’t receive required timely response and support from insurers to resolve their queries. Be it a public company or a private company.

This inspired us to start UK associates a claim Assistance Company, dedicated to serve the customers’ needs during the claim management.

Our Aim is to provide assistance for hassle-free claim management. Customer-centric focus will ensure all our customers are satisfied on all our services.

Just hand over us a long list of insurers’ queries and documentation task to us, “sit back and relax”. Our experts will simplify the process for you and help you to handle the difficult claim situations.