About This Plan

This plan is useful in assistance of claims.

Scope of Service

  • Assistance in preparation of claim documents.
  • Consultation by our claim assistance and experts in any doubts/queries raised by insurer.
  • Proper follow-up with insurance company on behalf of policy holder
  • Proper feedback given to insured/policy holder about claim.
  • Proper communication with insurance company till final stage of claim process.

Who should buy this plan?

  • Policy holder/insured who need Assistance in preparation of claim documents.
  • Policy holder/insured who need assistance in follow-up with insurance company (till final stage of claim settlement.)
  • Policy holder/insured who need proper communication between insured and insurer.
  • Policy holder/insured who don’t have time to get regular follow up with insurer.

Documents to be shared with us

You can provide copy / scan documents

1. Claim documents
2. Claim settlement letters
3. Denial letter
4. Policy copy/scan or Insurance card

Process Flow would be

1. Sign-up to avail this service
2. Share the above documents through Email on uk.associates2@gmail.com
3. Claims Advisor will contact you within 12 working hours
4. We will study of claim documents
5. Validation of Denial reason
6. Advice on plan of action

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